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oh8's Journal

Oh Eight! Nerding Out on the 2008 Elections
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Welcome to Oh8 a community for news gossip and speculation on the 2008 United States presidential campaign.

I'm hoping this community we be a place where we can share news and thoughts on the upcoming campaign while taking the piss out of the whole process. I'm thinking somewhere between the Washington Post and ohnotheydidn't, if you can imagine that

For now, we've only got a couple of rules:
1. Keep in on topic. Anything having to do with the elections is fair game, but this isn't the forum for you to post about your campaign to free the bunnies. Now if Hillary has a position on bunny freeing, that's another story.

2. Don't bash other users. Say whatever you want about the candidates, the candidates advisors or the media, but don't go beating up on fellow members. People who make personal attacks on fellow users will be banned.